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Multiven is a suite of cloud-based services that enables organizations of all sizes to collaboratively manage, monitor and maintain all their IT network assets across all hardware and software. Mutiven lower software and hardware  maintenance costs, offer lifetime software support, Impartial expert counselling to highlight defects, backdoors and security-risks the manufacturer. Multiven can also reduce capital expenditure and improve network availability from not having to refresh your hardware every five years because of manufacturer-forced obsolescence via their ‘end-of-support’ programs. 

Solutions By This Vendor

Device Management

Globally Connected, Locally Based

DSM deliver world class solutions to the IT industry, this combined with being Locally based in Dublin means that you get all of the support you need as well as the products you require! With our 30 years industry experience as well as hundreds of global installations, delivering the best real world performance, DSM is the only choice.