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LEBA Innovation A/S is a Danish company with over 15 years of research, development and sales excellence. They create innovative solutions for customers in collaboration with schools and educational institutions throughout Europe.

Leba produce a unique range of trolleys for the transport, storage and recharging of laptop computers, notebooks, PDAs, iOS devices and other electronic equipment in all settings. It means that your technology is where your students or employees are, fully uploaded and ready for use.

Leba products are designed to meet the demands of everyday life in educational and workplace settings, delivering the highest level of quality, functionality and flexibility.

Solutions By This Vendor

Complete Storage and Charging Solutions

Leba products allow you to store and charge your electrical devices, everything from laptops to tablets. With a range of storage solutions available Leba is perfect for your school, college or business.

Globally Connected, Locally Based

DSM deliver world class solutions to the IT industry, this combined with being Locally based in Dublin means that you get all of the support you need as well as the products you require! With our 30 years industry experience as well as hundreds of global installations, delivering the best real world performance, DSM is the only choice.