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DSM Distribution Rebrand

Published: 2 May 2023

DSM Distribution is excited to share their rebrand, effective from June 2023.

DSM Distribution have undergone significant growth in the last 3 years. Coming out of Covid felt like a good time for the business to refocus. They carried out an extensive review of the their current strategy and wanted to better align their brand with the evolving business goals and values of the business. They feel their new look better reflects their next chapter.

Macdara Wrynne, Managing Director DSM Distribution said of the rebrand:

“Our new logo is a play on the letter of our name. However, the pillars also signify connection, which runs through everything we do. Despite being globally connected, we have a tight-knit local team and we work closely with our customers to successfully bring deals across the line. We believe our new brand better positions our company for future growth”.

new DSM distribution logo on a coloured background