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Xterity Cloud Migrate

Rapid Onboarding

1. Source servers can be on-premise or in another cloud P2V and V2V

2. Opportunity for MSPs to transition to Xterity for higher margins, better manageability and support than they get with the big vendors

3 . Opportunity for MSPs currently selling cloud services from “at risk” vendors or those with sub-par performance to transition to Xterity

Based on proven technology

1.  RiverMeadow agent-less technology

2.  Orchestrates initial synchronization

Source servers remain available during migration

1. Important for transaction-based solutions

2. Time from production “switch-off” to cloud “switch-on” can be less than an hour

Server Migration Simplified

Partner can build the client’s environment with migrated resources and create quotes

1.  Migrated servers are catalog items in the Xterity drag-and-drop cloud designer

Partner drags migrated servers into the designer and performs required tasks

1.  Configure workgroup/domain for the serve

2.  Connect the server to its appropriate networks

Globally Connected, Locally Based

DSM deliver world class solutions to the IT industry, this combined with being Locally based in Dublin means that you get all of the support you need as well as the products you require! With our 30 years industry experience as well as hundreds of global installations, delivering the best real world performance, DSM is the only choice.