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Stock Holding at a Competitive Price-Point

Published: 16 May 2023

Background: The client had a requirement for us to hold stock for them during Covid, to allow them to pull down stock as required ensuring no delays on their side.

The Brief: Our client required guaranteed availability of laptop stock for their projects during Covid at a competitive and static price point.

Our Approach:

We agreed to a four month stock holding period, and recommended the client commit to one specific product. Our Platinum Lenovo Partner status ensured we could guarantee the most competitive price via Lenovo Bids. We had a rolling delivery of stock every 3 months which ensure continuity of supply for our client over Covid.


Facilitating blanket ordering ensured that our client had continuity of supply at the most competitive price across all resellers. Having continuity of product also simplified the in-house process for their engineers, thus reducing set-up and configuration costs.