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Expertise & Technical Knowledge of CAM’s

Published: 16 May 2023

Background: The client's sales team heavily relies on their vendor partners' expertise to find the most suitable solutions for their clients.

The Brief: Our objective is to deliver prompt and knowledgeable technical support to our clients, enabling them to secure large-scale sales projects successfully.

Our Approach: Our core strengths lie in our ability to offer expert product sourcing, price match guarantees, and comprehensive financial and logistical solutions. With longstanding customer partnerships and robust relationships, we collaborate closely with our clients to deliver ideal IT solutions. We develop detailed, customised IT solutions plans based on specifications provided by client on-site engineers.

Client Quote:

“We have worked with DSM Distribution for several years and they are one of the best companies out there when it comes to technical and product knowledge. They have become our primary vendor, and we are very happy with the level of commitment and expertise that they bring to the table. They are quick to respond and go out of their way to provide us with solutions. We have come to rely on them for our technical and product needs."