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A Case Study in Exceptional Customer Service

Published: 14 June 2023


This case study highlights a situation where a large order for 100 laptops was placed by a client, but the units were shipped by the vendor with incorrect keyboard layouts. DSM Distribution are committed to delivering exceptional customer service and promptly addressed the issue by invoking their "no quibble" guarantee. This case study explores how DSM successfully managed the situation, including handling customs and shipping challenges, reprinting the keyboards to meet the client's specifications, and ultimately satisfying the customer's requirements.


The client placed a substantial order for 100 laptops, relying on our reputation for quality products and efficient service. However, upon receiving the shipment, it was discovered that the laptops had incorrect keyboard layouts, rendering them unsuitable for our client's needs.

Identifying the Problem:

Recognizing the gravity of the situation, DSM swiftly acknowledged the issue and took responsibility for it. Understanding the significance of maintaining customer satisfaction, the decision was made to rectify the situation without any unnecessary complications or delays.

Evoking the "No Quibble" Guarantee:

To demonstrate our commitment to customer satisfaction, we invoked our "no quibble" guarantee. This guarantee ensured that our client would not face any additional charges or inconvenience, and we would undertake all necessary actions to resolve the problem promptly.

Handling Cross-Border Returns:

Resolving the issue required the units to be shipped back across borders, posing potential customs and shipping challenges. Leveraging our expertise and established relationships with logistics partners we successfully managed the return process, effectively navigating through customs and logistical hurdles on behalf of our customer.

Professional Keyboard Reprinting:

Understanding the importance of meeting the client's exact requirements, we engaged professionals to reprint the keyboards according to the client's specifications. This meticulous attention to detail ensured that the laptops would be fully functional and tailored to our client's preferences.

Reshipment and Delivery:

Once the keyboards were professionally reprinted, the laptops were swiftly reshipped to the client as new units. We prioritised expedited shipping to minimize any inconvenience caused by the initial error.

Client Satisfaction:

Our commitment to resolving the issue quickly and effectively resulted in the client's satisfaction. They expressed delight with the service level and our dedication to resolving the problem promptly and to their exact specifications. This positive outcome not only reinforced the company's reputation for exceptional customer service but also strengthened the client's trust and loyalty.


This case study exemplifies the importance of swift action, commitment to customer satisfaction, and attention to detail in addressing and resolving product-related issues. By invoking our "no quibble" guarantee, expertly handling cross-border returns, professionally reprinting keyboards, and reshipping the laptops promptly, we successfully turned a potentially dissatisfying situation into a positive customer experience. Through our exemplary service level, we not only resolved the problem but also fostered long-term customer loyalty and strengthened our reputation as a reliable and customer-centric organisation.